Exhibitions in 2015


Here is a round up of the recent exhibitions I have been involved in.

In London and USA: Chris Beetles Gallery January/ February 2015. The shows in LA (Palm Beach Art Fair 14th-17th January 2015 http://www.laartshow.com/ ) and Miami (Palm Beach Art Fair, 13th -17th February 2015 http://www.palmbeachshow.com/ ) are organised by the Chris Beetles Gallery, London. Chris has taken 20 of my paintings to feature as the only contemporary artist in his stands. I also held two successful solo shows at Chris Beetles Gallery in St James, London in 2012 and 2014.

In Switzerland: Bromer Art Collection, on going. During my solo shows at the Thomas Dutoit Galerie in 2010 and 2013 I made a contact with the Bromer Art Collection http://www.bromerartcollection.com/. This is a private collection of 2500 paintings and sculptures and is based just outside Zurich. I am currently creating a body of work with a view to hold a solo show in the private museum in thenext couple of years.

In Jersey: CCA International Gallery, November 2015. Although I have exhibited in the Skipton open studio exhibitions and held shows featuring my cow drawings, I haven’t held an large exhibition of my paintings and sculptures in Jersey since 2008 (which was at David Hicks in St Lawrence). So this year, I am planning to do a big show exhibiting all the different aspects to my current practice. I have organised the show with CCA International Gallery in the heart of St Helier and so I am very excited, as this is by far the most exciting art space in Jersey. There will be new seascapes, under water paintings, dunes, boulders and a new series of paintings inspired by the north coast cliffs from the sea. I have also been working with local art fabricator Neil McKenzie to create a new set of stainless steel sculptures inspired by splashes and will be shown with the paintings in the CCA show.


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