Working on the Minquiers


The Minquiers are a group uninhabited small islands 13 mile south of St Helier, Jerseys' capital town. There isn't any electricity or fresh water and the huts are as basic as possible. They were originally built as refuges for fishermen in dangerous seas. Now they are holiday homes and extremely remote. On large spring tides the Minquiers' landmass is almost as big as Jersey but at high water the main island is only a little bigger then the size of a football pitch. When the sea is rough you will really feel it as you can imagine. I have been visiting the island for several years and love the raw wildness of the place. I usually go for just two nights, which never felt enough. So I have decided to stay on the island for at least two weeks to create a new body of work. I am hoping to get completely immersed in the island. I will make about twenty paintings, take photographs, shoot a video, make some sound recordings, keep a log and make some sculptures from some of the objects I find on the islands. I see it as a cleansing opportunity, a way to re-invigorate my work.


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