Falkland's Wave No5

Falkland's Wave No4

Falkland's Wave No3

Falkland's Wave No2

Falkland's Wave No1

Khaleesi's eyes

Crashing wave

Golden wave

Lightning Strike

Always on the Move


For the Love of Blue

Study for Hut in the Woods

Study for Hut Face

Red, Red

Study for Seasoned Door

Study for Seasoned Timber

Study for Common Faith

Study for Only Natural

Jump 1

Scarred Contours

Soft Verge

Small Histories


Study for Slopes

Freed Spray

Study for Prints in Snow

Study for Mountain Side Slide



Down from Above

Mesmerising Fish Wall


Divided Together

Small Free Fall

Beach 1

Be Yourself

A Sharp Intake of Breath

Fish Wall on cast concrete

Fall Over

Cave Roof

Small Tangle

Study for Roof

Study for Shallow Cave

Study for Arm

Beautiful Eyes

Study for Rollers 4

Study for Rollers 2

Study for Rollers 5

Study for Rollers 3

Study for Rollers 1

Study for Hut Legs

Study for Fresh Corbiere

Cows in Discos 8

Cows in Discos 7

Cows in Discos 5

Cows in Discos 6

Cows in Discos 2

Cows in Discos 1

Abstract Stones with Shadow

Abstract Boulders

cows in discos, Warehouse

cows in discos, The Venue

Cows in Discos, The O Bar

cows in discos, Tearaways

Cows in Discos, Raffles

cows in discos, Norma Jean's

cows in discos, Les Arches

Cows in Discos, La Cala

Cows in Discos, L'auberge

Cows in Discos, Kon Tiki

Cows in Discos, Havanna

Cows in Discos, Chateau Plaisir

Cows in Discos, Bonaparts

Whisp and Wave

Wave Verses Rock

Roll Over sunset

Corbiere, Blue, Calm, version 2

Collapsed Wave

Big Dark Wave

beautiufl, Above.


Mountain Snow No2

Mountain Snow No1

Splash, Free the Spirit

Sea Mist and a Sudden Gust

Hot Days

Warm Evening Dune


Lunar Light

In the Granite Maze

Shadows Dance (Extended)

Salty Haze

Golden Stone

Sacred Hideaways

Two Caves

Udder Lover

Big Wet Nose


Hee Haw

Shoo Fly

Generation Goatee

Cunning Plan

Worms Eye View

Chinese Whispers

Divine Bovine 8 (Moo)

Divine Bovine 7 (Carefree)

Divine Bovine 6 (Hoofed Heroine)

Divine Bovine 5 (Milking Time)

Divine Bovine 3 (Only You)

Divine Bovine 2 (Not So Wee Moo Coo)

Divine Bovine 1 (Ruminate Regularly)

Moove Over a Little

Moove Over


Hot Rocks

Boating In Jersey 4

Boating In Jersey 3

Boating In Jersey 2

Boating In Jersey 1

Tall Pines


The Canyon Night

The Canyon Day


Looking Down Into The Red Valley


Sketch For Two Of Us

Sketch For Prefect Morning


Giant Lad

Short Line

Tower of Fish

Tall Shoal




Baitball Final Maquette

Fish Walls

Wire Man (Working Title)

Holding Breath

Sleeping 1



Because The World Is Round


Sleeping 2

Mussel Poles Greenish

Sleeping 3

Massive Movement


Brilliant Snow

Mussel Poles, Yellow

Pink and Black Shoal

Fresh Beads

Caribbean Shoal

Deep Blue

Cold Immersion

Muffled Existence

Black Sea


Embracing Gravity

Under Blue Water 1

Sea Mist

Under Blue Water 2