This painting was part of ‘And Breathe’ at the Galerie Thomas und Barbara Dutoit, Switzerland.


An exhibition of 55 paintings featuring dramatic sea scapes, golden sand dunes, snow covered Alps mountains and the last time the series of paintings from the artist in residency with the Scott Polar Research Institute to the Antarctic in 2018 will be exhibited.


After one of the most challenging years we have all had, I felt it is time to look forward to new horizons and take a big deep breath.


It is the forth solo exhibition I have held with Galerie Thomas und Barbara Dutoit, in Switzerland.


Address: Galerie Thomas und Barbara Dutoit, Suhrenmattstrasse 2, 5035 Unterentfelden.


Telephone 00 41 62 723 41 32


Email [email protected]


The exhibition opened on 11th September and ran until 2nd October 2021.