Works on Paper

Acrylics, inks, pastels and charcoal drawings.

Abstract Boulders

Abstract Stones with Shadow

Alive (study)


Back Wash

Back Wash (Study)

Be Yourself

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful, Alone

Bit Chilly

Blue Sunset

Boating In Jersey 1

Boating In Jersey 2

Boating In Jersey 3

Boating In Jersey 4

Caribbean Shoal

Collapsed Roller (study)


Confused Foam

Corbiere, Blue, Calm

Corbiere, Blue, Calm, version 2

Corbiere, Dark, Evening

Cows in Discos 1

Cows in Discos 2

Cows in Discos 5

Cows in Discos 6

Cows in Discos 7

Cows in Discos, Bonaparts

Cows in Discos, Firehouse

Cows in Discos, The O Bar

Crashing Force

Divine Bovine 6 (hoofed Heroine)

Embracing Gravity

Excited Wave


Fresh Smash

Full Circle

Gentle Sweep

Green and Calm


Hot Rocks

Ice Caves

Into The Spray (Study)

Lemaire Channel (East)

Lemaire Channel (West)

Long Glacier

Look Right

Love Blue (triptych)

Massive Movement

Mountain Snow No1

Mountain Snow No2

Over There

Penguins waddle

Pink and Black Shoal


Promise of Gold



Sand Dunes Evening

Sea Foam

Sea Mist

Shining Through

Sketch For Curiously Irregular

Sketch For Prefect Morning

Sketch For Two Of Us

Small Messy

Small Splash, Large Wave (study)

Small Wild Wind


Study for Arm

Study for Common Faith

Study for Free Fall

Study for Fresh Corbiere

Study for From the Side of the Road

Study for Green Hut

Study for Hours before Dusk

Study for Hut Face

Study for Hut in the Woods

Study for Hut Legs

Study for Morning Watch

Study for Mountain Side Slide

Study for Prints in Snow

Study for Rollers 3

Study for Roof

Study for Seasoned Door

Study for Seasoned Timber

Study for Shallow Cave

Study for Slopes

Study for TOP

Tabular Sunset

Tall Pines

The Sweep of the Bay

The Tree (Study)

Under Blue Water 1

Under Blue Water 2

Up High

Waddle No 2

Warm air on Grasses

Wild Wind (Study)